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“The hidden jewel”

Inveterate travellers as they are, you should always trust an Aussie when they say they have found a gem.

We think so anyway, especially when the gem is… Uzès.

Check out why:

Market in Place aux Hèrbes

Market in Uzès


Uzès’ pulling power….!

From the city of London to a life of riches in Uzès.

Read one of the many stories about Uzès’ pulling power 😉

Uzès, Place aux Hèrbes

Uzès, Place aux Hèrbes

The Jews in Provence

For lovers of history HERE you will find some notes (in French only) on the history of the Jews in Uzès and Provence.

Jewish Cemetery in St Remy

Jewish Cemetery in St Remy


Uzès, TV-star!

Regional channel TV Sud has dedicated a 3-part programme to Uzès. This is the first of 3 (PART 1) videos on the city’s history and the story behind Uzès’ special treat: Haribo’s Sweet Factory and Museum!

In the second film (PART 2), we learn about Uzès, the horse and the truffle!

Uzès Truffle Festival

Uzès Truffle Festival

And finally in the third instalment (PART 3) of TV-Sud’s take on Uzès, we are taken on a guided tour of the Ducal Palace and get a glimpse of France’s only artisanal coffee roaster!