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Culinary adventures

How fantastic does Uzès look in this ‘appetising’ video footage by New Zealand chef, author and broadcaster Peta Mathias?

I’m hungry already!

Check out her culinary adventures here:

Peta Mathias in Place aux Hèrbes

Peta Mathias in Place aux Hèrbes

And read her account of her visit to Uzés here.

The film connection

With so many festivals taking place in and around Uzès especially during the summer, it can be difficult to catch up with everything that is happening everywhere!

Claude Lelouch was this year’s ‘man du jour’ at the Nimes Film Festival. Who will the organisers choose to honour next year?

Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch

Avignon theatre in colour

If you didn’t have a chance to visit this year’s edition of the Avignon Festival, here is a selection of shots from “the world’s most prestigious theatre festival”.

And don’t forget to book a place for next year’s edition. It really is a treat.

Bulls, books and foal

The bulls may have been and gone but there are still horses, books and plenty of everything else to enjoy in the coming months in Uzès.

Check out the calendar here.

And if you come to Uzès next year in time for the Fete Votive, this is more or less what it looks like, i.e. come early in order to find a parking place and watch out for the bulls running loose in town.

Uzès bull run

The “curse” of Uzès

‎”This town is the most cursed town in the world,” Jean Racine about Uzès, January 1662.

I think he meant its beauty is a curse 🙂 as in this visitor’s account of the charms of Uzès.

The capital of electronica

There is something for every taste in Uzès this Summer.

After the inspiring classical and world music evenings of July, Uzès will become the capital of electronica with the sounds of chill and lounge during another edition of the Festival les Electros d’Uzès 3-5 August.

Festival les Electros d'Uzès

Festival les Electros d’Uzès

Organic and Biodynamic

Here you will find the interesting story of the US couple behind the organic and biodynamic wines of La Gramière – which owns vineyards in different plots around Uzès.. and a rather flashy wine-tasting van!

La Gramière

La Gramière