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“The hidden jewel”

Inveterate travellers as they are, you should always trust an Aussie when they say they have found a gem.

We think so anyway, especially when the gem is… Uzès.

Check out why:

Market in Place aux Hèrbes

Market in Uzès


Essential travel tool

Here is a great web tool to plan your next tour of Uzès and the Gard-Provençal:

Gard Provençal

Gard Provençal

‘The end of an era on French roads!’

A word of advice for those planning to drive in France: you may still carry your cases of Puligny-Montrachet :)) but you must also have with you a self-testing breathalyser kit as of 1st July if you don’t want to be fined (11 euro on-the-spot fine from 1st November). Kits cost between 2-5 euros and can be purchased in petrol stations, supermarkets and pharmacies. No IQ testing kit in the cards as yet.

Read more about this polemical measure here:

Or in Danish here:


Breathalyser kit

Breathalyser kit

Visitor information

Checking out Uzès Tourist Board’s official web site can be a good start for planning your trip to Uzès.; and the brilliant thing is – it’s also available in English! Here is the link:

The city istself also has a good web site with news and advice, but you will need to resort to your language skills as it is only available in French:

Aerial view of Uzès

Aerial view of Uzès