“The hidden jewel”

Inveterate travellers as they are, you should always trust an Aussie when they say they have found a gem.

We think so anyway, especially when the gem is… Uzès.

Check out why:


Market in Place aux Hèrbes

Market in Uzès


Sister Ambrosiac

Once you’ve seen the striking and characterful Sister Ambrosiac (that’s right!) at the Uzès market at Place aux Herbes, you don’t forget her selling her wines, honey and incense from the nearby Monastère de Solan.

A Greek Orthodox order, the sisters at the monastery grow organic grapes under the guidance of Mother Hypandia.


Read more about the monastery here.

And see the sisters at work in this little video:


Sister Ambrosiac at the Marché d'Uzés

Sister Ambrosiac at the Marché d’Uzés

Music to our ears

The evenings in Uzès have just got better.

Le Bistrot du Duché now has a piano bar on Thursdays and jazz concerts on Fridays at 20.00.

Easy to find, just around the corner from the Place aux Hèrbes: http://goo.gl/maps/AzId3

Definitely worth a visit – for a meal or just a glass of wine or the locally brewed artisanal beer, the Meduz d’Uzès.

Meduz d'Uzès

Meduz d’Uzès


The film: Cyrano de Bergerac

The actor: Gérard Depardieu

The location: Can you guess? 🙂



A bird’s-eye view of the Duché

Must be nice to be a bird in Uzès. Imagine the views and possibilities for nesting in style 🙂

Music to your ears

For music lovers, and in particular organ lovers, here is a little taste of L’Orgue d’Uzès, originally build in 1679 and restored for the last time in 1964.


It was built by a Capuchin Franciscan friar in the style of Louis XIV with a southern touch and the only other surviving organ of the same style is the one in Saint-Louis des Invalides in Paris (even if the later is a lot bigger). You can read more about it (in French) here.

L'Orgue d'Uzès

L’Orgue d’Uzès in the Cathedral of St. Theodorit

Gypsy Kings

The Gipsy Kings are a music band from Arles, Nîmes and Montpellier. Some of the group’s members were born in France, but their parents were “gitanos” – Spanish Romani people who fled Catalonia during the 1930’s Spanish Civil War.

The gitano musical tradition is also a feature also of Uzès’ long and warm evenings. We can also vouch for their great talent, as you can see in this little video, taken only a few steps away from Rue Saint Roman.

Glamping in Provence

Apparently “glamping is all the rage”. And guess where you can do it – redundantly – in style? Yes, you guessed it. Around Uzès!

Read all about it here (article published in The Guardian).

The yurt, and kitchen shack, at La Pierre Verte

The yurt, and kitchen shack, at La Pierre Verte

Culinary adventures

How fantastic does Uzès look in this ‘appetising’ video footage by New Zealand chef, author and broadcaster Peta Mathias?

I’m hungry already!

Check out her culinary adventures here:

Peta Mathias in Place aux Hèrbes

Peta Mathias in Place aux Hèrbes

And read her account of her visit to Uzés here.

The film connection

With so many festivals taking place in and around Uzès especially during the summer, it can be difficult to catch up with everything that is happening everywhere!

Claude Lelouch was this year’s ‘man du jour’ at the Nimes Film Festival. Who will the organisers choose to honour next year?

Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch